Toni Lester (Babson College), professor and sound artist.  How do issues of author control in music and interpretation help us understand the politics of race, queerness, and free speech?

Ian Condry (MIT), cultural anthropologist of Japan, professor at MIT, author “Hip-Hop Japan.”  How do new experiments in music and sound offer possibilities for activating social and political change?

Jan St. Werner, musician with Mouse on Mars, prof. Academy of Fine Arts Nuremberg

Nicole L’Huilier, Ph.D. student at MIT Media Lab, Opera of the Future research group

Walker Downey, Ph.D. student, History, Theory and Criticism of Architecture and Art (HTC), MIT Architecture

Rekha Malhotra, award-winning music producer and activist; M.S. student in Comparative Media Studies

Stefan Helmreich, professor of anthropology, MIT, author “Sounding the Limits of Life”

Wayne Marshall, professor at Berklee School of Music, technomusicologist, author & DJ

Toshiya Ueno, professor Wako U (Japan), author “Urban Tribal Studies,” DJ Toshiya the Tribal.

Thomas DeFrantz, professor, African and African American Studies, Duke University, choreographer, author “Dancing Many Drums.”

and more to come . . . .