Dissolve Music @ MIT:  Spatial Sound Festival, February 2020

          Organized by Ian Condry, Susanna Bolle, and Juan Necochea

February 19-21, 2020.  Roughly 7-9:30pm each night.

Free and open to the public.  All ages.  

Location:  MIT, Building W97, the black box theater

Dissolve Music @ MIT will be a three-day conference and sound festival to bring together musicians, sound creators, and scholars of music and sound studies to discuss the diversity of music and experimental sound.  Combining art and scholarship in a spirit of dialogue and controversy, the conference aims to dissolve boundaries between different arenas of sonic engagement to identify paths towards alternative, more inclusive futures.

2018 conference:  Dissolve Music @ MIT:  Future Concepts in Music & Sound, March 2018

SPECIAL THANKS to our sponsors: MIT Spatial Sound Lab, Fay Chandler Faculty Creativity Grant, the MIT Center for Art, Science, and Technology, MIT Comparative Media Studies / Writing, MIT Anthropology, d&b audio, SAVI, and numerous MIT student hosts for their generous support.



Contact:  condry@mit.edu (Prof. Ian Condry).  More info:  http://mitdissolve.com