. . . . . . Before we can SOLVE, we have to DISSOLVE.  

Join us for Dissolve Music @ MIT:  Spatial Sound Festival, Feb. 19-21, 2020, a series of workshop performances & discussions.  We aim to dissolve boundaries between performers & audience, between music & sound art, and between academic disciplines.  Explore alternative approaches to listening, dialogue and mix.  This “spatial sound festival” is a collaboration between the MIT Spatial Sound Lab and Non-Event, which is a Boston-based concert series for experimental, abstract, improvised and new music. Our last major event was Dissolve Music 2018.

Free, open to the public, all ages. 

Each day we will present a series of workshop-style performances and informal discussions to explore some of the ways sound can transform social worlds.
Dissolve Music @ MIT:  Spatial Sound Festival – three day schedule
MIT, Building W97, in the black box theater
345 Vassar St., Cambridge, MA 02139

Feb. 19 (W) 7-10pm, Laptop ensemble and spatial DJs

FaMLE (MIT Laptop Ensemble), dir. Ian Hattwick (MTA)
DJ Heather D. (WMBR, “Backpacks and Magazines”)
DJ Shawn Duncan (SAVI)
DJ Philip Tan (CMS/W, Local Beats)
Wayne&Wax (MIT, Berklee, Harvard)
DJ Ian C. (WMBR, “Near and Far”)

Feb. 20 (Th), 7-9:30pm From live funk to electroacoustic performances

Rachel Devorah (Berklee)
Ben Houge (Berklee)
Sohin Hwang (Harvard)

Feb. 21 (Fr), 7-9:30pm  Non-Event collaboration with Dissolve

We are also planning to feature short works and curated selections by community members of the Spatial Sound Lab.  Order of performers may change.

We are thankful for generous contributions from :MIT CAST Fay Chandler Faculty Creativity Grant, Non-Event, and MIT Music and Theater Arts, and d&b audio for providing the d&b Soundscape which is new 360-degree, object-oriented spatial sound mixing technology.

Contact:  Prof. Ian Condry (CMS/W) condry@mit.edu is co-organizer with Juan Necochea (Breaking Forms) and Susanna Bolle (Non-Event).  We hope to see you there!
Ian, Susanna, Juan
Co-organizers, Dissolve Music 2020