. . . . . . Before we can SOLVE, we have to DISSOLVE.  

Join us for Dissolve Music @ MIT:  Spatial Sound Festival, Feb. 19-21, 2020, a series of performances, workshops & discussions.  We aim to dissolve boundaries between performers & audience, between music & sound art, and between academic disciplines.  Explore alternative approaches to listening, dialogue and mix.  This “spatial sound festival” is sponsored by the Spatial Sound Lab (MIT) and the Transnational Sound Institute (Berlin). Our last event was 2018 Dissolve Music.

Main events:  February 19-21, 2020, 7-9pm followed by receptions with DJs

MIT, Building W97 black box theater, 345 Vassar St., Cambridge, MA 02139


Lineup is still developing:  Animal Hospital, Shawn Duncan, Michael J. Schumacher, Wayne&Wax & more

Featuring the “d&b Soundscape,” cutting-edge audio surround tech by d&b audio

What is spatial sound?  A word from the MIT Spatial Sound Lab:

“Spatial sound” is a fluid and open category of sonic productions and experiences that emphasize immersive, multiperspective, spatially sensitive listening.  We experiment with a variety of approaches to spatial sound: electronic music, field recordings, live performance and more.  What links these approaches is a spirit of experimentation that aims to disrupt hierarchies that dominate contemporary sonic performances — the stage, the screen, the headphone stream.  Spatial sound encourages us to listen in all directions.  In so doing, perhaps we can better appreciate the voices from the margins and our own unique role for acting in the world.

Dissolve Music @ MIT will be a three-day conference and sound festival, February 19-21, 2020, to bring together musicians, sound creators, and scholars of music and sound studies to discuss the diversity of music and experimental sound.  Combining art and scholarship in a spirit of dialogue and controversy, the conference aims to dissolve boundaries between different arenas of sonic engagement to identify paths towards alternative, more inclusive futures.

SPECIAL THANKS to our sponsors: Fay Chandler Faculty Creativity Grant, the MIT Center for Art, Science & Technology, MIT Comparative Media Studies / Writing, d&b audiotechnik, SAVI, and more.




Contact:  condry@mit.edu (Prof. Ian Condry).  More info:  http://mitdissolve.com