All events take place at Warehouse XI, 11 Sanborn Ct., Somerville, MA 02143.

Performers are listed in reverse order (i.e., first performer goes last . . . )

March 7 (Wed.)  7-10pm:  Opening Party

DJ Rekha

+  Rajna Swaminathan, Ganavya Doraiswamy, Kohsetsu Imanishi

March 8 (Thu.) 7-10pm:  Dimensional People / Spatial Mix 

Mouse on Mars, performing new album “Dimensional People” – spatial mix installation

+ Breaking Forms, Jake Meginsky, Asha Sheshadri & Adam Morosky,  José Rivera (Proxemia), and Michiyoshi Sato

March 9 (Fri.) 7-11pm Closing Party

DJ Lychee, Kohsetsu Imanishi, Sei, Toshiya the Tribal, Trever Hagen, dj iancondry, Wayne&Wax, Rebecca Uliasz, & Toni Lester’s “All Things,” a mixed media sound/music/spoken word piece inspired by the life of Pauli Murray
(featuring dance and movement artist, Lonnie Stanton).


Free and open to the public.  Space may be limited.