Dissolve Music @ MIT, Schedule of Events (details)

Wednesday, 3/7  Evening performances

7-10:30pm DJ Rekha and friends, including

Rajna Swaminathan and Ganavya Doraiswamy

and special performance by Kohsetsu Imanishi


Thursday, 3/8  Conference (daytime)

10:30-11:00am – snacks and coffee

11am – 12:30pm Keynote panel:  The Art of Practice, the Practice of Art

Moderator:  Rekha Malhortra (DJ Rekha)

Panelists:  Ganavya Doraiswamy, Rajna Swaminathan, Samita Sinha


12:30 – 1:15pm  Lightning talks:   

Ian Condry (MIT),

Nancy Baym (MSR)

Murray Forman (Northeastern)

Lauren Flood (MIT)


1:15-1:45pm lunch break with coffee and sound mixer\

1:45-2:30   Demo:  d&b Soundscape, spatial mixing & dimensional sound

Ralf Zuleeg (d&b audiotechnik)

Tobias Wulf (d&b auditotechnik)

Shawn Duncan (SAVI)


2:30 – 3:45pm  Keynote panel: Multiperspectivity in Sound, Spatial Composing & Mixing

                                        Jan St. Werner (MoM)

                                        Andi Toma (MoM)

                                        Nicole L’Huillier (MIT)

                                        Oswald Wiener (artist, writer & cognitive scientist, Vienna)

                                        Walker Downey (MIT)

                                        Nicolas Aguirre (MIT) . . . and other interventions . . .

                                              + Special Skype discussion with Diana Deutsch (UCSD)

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3:45 – 4:15pm coffee break

4:15 – 4:45pm:  Sound / Film / Immersion:  

Andy Graydon (Tufts), film excerpt and discussion (15 minutes)

Ben Bloomberg (MIT) “Spatial Mixing Innovations” (lightning talk)


Thursday 3/8 Performances (evening)

7-10:30pm Mouse on Mars and friends

Breaking Forms

Non-Event showcase, curated by Susanna Bolle

     Jake Meginsky

     Asha Sheshadri

     Proxemia (José Rivera)

Michiyoshi Sato with Trever Hagen

Mouse on Mars installation / performance of album “Dimensional People”


Friday, 3/9  Conference (daytime)

10:30-11 – Snacks and coffee

11am – 12:15pm Keynote address, including Q/A

     “Soundz in the Back of My Head”

      Thomas F. DeFrantz (Duke U)


12:15 – 1pm Lightning talks:  

Toni Lester (Babson)

Flash (NBS)

Wayne Marshall (Berklee)

Shane Greene (MIT)


1 – 1:30pm lunch break with coffee & sound mixer

1:30 – 2:00pm  Research paper workshops

Andy Stuhl (MIT)

Sonya Hofer (sound and music scholar)

Walker Downey (MIT)


2 – 2:40pm Panel:  Writing about Sound, Sound Beyond Writing

Geeta Dayal (writer)

Trever Hagen (musician, sound studies scholar)

Maren Haffke (Ruhr-Universitat Bochum)


2:45-3pm break / sound mixer

3 – 3:30pm Lightning talks:

Stefan Helmreich (MIT)

Toshiya Ueno (Wako U)

Kohsetsu Imanishi (musician, scholar)


3:30 – 4:15pm  Panel:  Curating, Organizing, Creating Spaces & Communities

Susanna Bolle (Non-Event)

Koichi Sei (owner, Bar Bonobo, Tokyo)

Alyce Currier (Lychee / Spontaneous Affinity)

4:15 – 5pm Post-Mortem: evaluating the event, brainstorming future elaborations

Friday, 3/9 Performances and closing party (evening)

7 – 11pm Closing party

Lychee (Boston/NYC DJ and event organizer)

Kohsetsu Imanishi with Koichi Sei

Trever Hagen

Matti Gajek

dj iancondry


Rebecca Uliasz

Toni Lester

Flash (NBS)

+ surprise special guests . . .